1. How to Serve an Eviction Notice to Your Lancaster Tenants

    Evicting a tenant is never something that landlords enjoy doing. It’s difficult financially and logistically, and even experienced real estate investors run the risk of getting emotionally involved in the process. Working with a professional Lancaster property management company can help you navig…Read More

  2. How Routine Inspections Can Save Your Lancaster Investment Property

    Whether you own one rental property or a dozen, it’s important that you make time to inspect them routinely. Working with a Lancaster property management company can help; most professional managers will have a process in place for inspecting your home at various times during a lease period. We re…Read More

  3. The Importance of Maintaining Your Lancaster Rental Property

    Rental property maintenance is extremely important for two reasons: It preserves the condition of your asset; and, It keeps your tenants happy and secure. Your tenants are your customers, and the number one reason that most tenants leave their rental home is because their maintenance concerns were n…Read More

  4. Tips on Setting a Rental Price for Your Lancaster Investment Property

    Setting a rental price for your Lancaster investment property is an important step in finding and retaining good tenants. You want to price your unit high enough that you’ll earn some good cash flow and contribute to high returns. But, you don’t want to overprice that rental home, otherwise it w…Read More