How many rental units do you manage?
We believe in quality over quantity, so that we can maintaining high levels of responsiveness to our owners and tenants. We have organized systems for bringing on new clients coming down to standards and timelines when on-boarding. We believe if all information is collected and signed by the 15th of each month, that will allow us onboard the owner and make the right contacts incase we run into any issues.
Is this your full time job?
FETCH is revolved around the property management side of things, but also engages in real estate transactions. We work full time for the owners and tenants and were just a call away!
What professional organizations do you belong to?
Continuing education, compliance & networking is very important to us:
-National Association of Property Managers (NARPM)
-National Association of Realtors (NAR)
-Pennsylvania Association of Realtors (PAR)
-Lancaster County Association of Realtors (LCAR)

Services & Pricing

What are the various services that you offer to your clients?
We are a full service Real-Estate/Property Management Firm which means that we can help you buy, sell, rent and manage your rental properties. Our Rental Services include property marketing, tenant screening, rent collection Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, Property Inspections, Maintenance Coordination, Eviction Oversight and Legal Compliance. We always strive to further our services at the right time.
What are the Tenant Placement & Property Management pricing options?

Check out our pricing page here

What miscellaneous fees could I be charged for the management of my property?
We believe in having a simple, transparent and all-inclusive pricing structure without extra junk fees. Some companies will try to get you to sign because they offer a low rate. As the saying goes, if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Once you’ve signed, a company that seemed inexpensive will now charge you plenty of extra fees. Remember, a property management company has to make money, so if they aren’t making money from the low monthly fee they will find another way to do it.
Are there fees when the property has no tenants?
We do not charge any fees until the property is rented unless we are involved in coordinating rehab and rent ready projects. We start marketing for new tenants 30 days prior to a tenant leaving to ensure low vacancies
What steps do you take to market properties?
To guarantee maximum exposure we market our properties on the Realtor MLS system along with over 100 high traffic rental websites and signage. We use wide angle lens photography and video tours to make your property stand out.
Do you charge a signup fee?
Do you provide payment statements, and if so how often?
Yes, every month we will send you a detailed owner packet containing an income-expense report, invoices, receipts, and surveys. In addition, you may access this information 24/7 from your online Owner Portal.
Is rent collected online or via direct deposit? What day of the month?
Both, Due 1st of the month.
When and how are Owners paid?
Disbursements are made the 10th of each month via check or deposit. Please allow bank processing times.
Do I have to sell my property with you if I want to list it?
Although we would like to earn your sales business…You are not required to sell the property with us.


How often will I get updates on my portfolio?
You have an online portal so you can see your investments status at anytime. All you have to do is go to our main page and click login. If you prefer phone communication, expect same day communication and at most within 48 hours.
How responsive is your Team?
Our goal is to respond to Owners and Tenants in under 1 day.


Do you guarantee tenants for any amount of time?
Based on your plan we guarantee tenants for 6-12 months. Meaning that if we placed the tenant and managed the property and it doesn’t work out…than we will place a new tenant free of charge.
Do you offer eviction protection (also called a screening guarantee)?
Some companies, such as ourselves, will offer eviction warranty. It is only a small fee, but it will give you major coverage should you need to evict a tenant. Please inquire for details
Under what conditions can I cancel my management contract?
We believe in earning your business on a month to month basis and have a 60-day cancellation policy with no penalty.

Why Us

How long are your properties typically vacant?
Typically, 25 days or less. We start marketing for new tenants 30 days prior to a tenant leaving to ensure low vacancies. Our goals revolve around having a very high tenant retention rate. Being the official launch year we are always adapting and improvising to become the most effective property management company in Central Pennsylvania.
How long on average does it take to fill vacancies?
In the Spring Summer market…Under 25 days in many cases less. In Fall Winter when there is less demand under 45 days


How do you determine rent amount?
We use 3 different data sources to create a detailed comparable rental analysis report for you. The report will show rent values and days on the market for similar properties in the same area that have rented or currently on the market over the last 6-12 months. We make it a point to compare apples to apples to help you decide on best rental price that will open the market vs narrow the market.
What are your income and screening requirements for applicants?
-Employed with verifiable household monthly gross income of at least 3x the rent
-No evictions in last 3 years
-Evictions within last 3 to 5 years requires balance paid off and higher security deposit
-60 days’ recent pay stubs and consistent work experience for at least 6 months
-2 years Income Tax Return and 3 months’ bank statements for self-employed
-Credit Check-Case by case basis. Depends on what is causing the bad credit.
-Good references and verification from current & previous Landlord
-No Felony Conviction record within 7 years for any of the following:
Murder, Manslaughter, Assault, Robbery, Rape, Child Molestation, Kidnapping, Arson
– No Felony Conviction record within 5 years for any of the following:
Manufacture, Delivery, sale of Illegal Drugs, or Possession with Intent to Deliver
-No Registered Sex Offenders
-Good attitude and ability to cooperate during screening process Government IDs
How do you collect rent from tenants?
We encourage our tenants to pay via their online tenant portal. They can also make a deposit at our bank or pay by check.
What control do I have over the tenant placement and lease agreement?
We do allow for owner input. Keep in mind, we have been doing this with success and have executed plenty of successful leases…Our screening process and lease agreement is extremely comprehensive and designed to protect you….so we encourage you to leave this to us and depend on our experience.
How do security deposits work?
Typically, security deposits are equal to one month’s rent in some cases more. The deposits are held in our secure escrow account. When tenants move out we inspect the home and withhold anything above and beyond normal wear and tear. The money is credited to you to be applied towards maintenance and repair if necessary.
How are pet policies handled?
You have the right to choose the type of pet, breed, and size. You can refuse pets but keep in mind that around 65% of today’s renters have pets. So by allowing select pets, you can increase the demand on your property which helps in getting the top price in a shorter amount of time. Tenants pay a ($425/Year/Pet) Pet Rent Fee and a non refundable pet deposit upfront of $300.
How many days a week are you available to show the house, and at what times?
Every day.
Do you allow Owners to be involved in approving the Applicant?
We do not for a few reasons
The goal is to follow a proven system and set of checklists…to remain objective vs subjective and to avoid mistakes and liability
1-We have systems in place that work to better serve you. We do this day I and day out and have a screening process that we do not deviate from to ensure success and decrease liability.
2-We also want to protect you and us from Fair Housing Lawsuits that can easily result in not following our system verbatim for everyone. And also sharing sensitive screening info with Owners
3-Here is a link to our screening parameters. And if we approved the applicant…that means that they have passed and that’s all that is necessary to avoid liability and avoid making statistically bad judgment calls4-We haven’t had to evict a Tenant that we placed in yet using our system
5- You chose us for a reason. Because you felt that we can manage your property effectively…which we will do as long as we follow our systems and procedures.


Do you conduct property inspections and, if you do, what charge is associated with them?
Move in and Move out Inspections are included in your plan. We offer 3 & 6-month periodical inspections along with detailed reports with pictures which will be shared with you on your online Owner portal. We will also assist in coordinating any necessary repairs and updates.
How is it handled when there’s maintenance or an issue caused by the renter?
Tenant contacts us, we respond within an 1-24hrs, we try to resolve the problem over the phone first and then dispatch one of our maintenance vendors to resolve issue. If the issues were caused by the Tenant…than the Tenant will receive the bill. If it is matter of normal wear and tear, we pay the bill out of the collected rent on your behalf and you get a detailed accounting report, copy of invoice and follow up.
What is our HVAC filter changing policy?
Our lease requires the Tenants change the filters at least every 180 days. Tenants are advised of the benefits of changing the filters and that if filters are not changed they can be held liable for HVAC Service and Repair costs. When we do onsite surveys of the home we check to make sure that they are changed. If not, we change them at the cost of the Tenant.
How is lawn maintenance handled?
Typically, the Tenant is responsible for lawn maintenance. In some cases, we handle Lawn Maintenance to preserve the lawn quality and charge the Tenant
Do you work with Home Warranty Companies?
Yes we do…but we advise against it as they don’t always cover what you expect and they take much longer to make repairs than the vendors that we work with…which causes potential problems with the Tenants.
Are you open to use the Owner’s Repair and Maintenance Vendors?
Yes, as long as they comply with our quality standards

Late Pays and Eviction

How do you handle Tenants that Pay Late and Evictions?
Our approach towards late paying Tenants and Eviction is more of a preventative approach…meaning that we emphasize a very thorough screening process on the front end and approve only highly qualified renters that can pay their rent on time so we do not have to evict.
In the event, these circumstances do arise here is our approach to mitigate the problem:
Rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th of the month. On the 6th of the month, by default, we send out “10 Day Demand Notice” to all late paying tenants…which is the first step in the eviction process. Typical most tenants pay only a few days late and we do not need to evict.
If we do not receive the rent within 10 days than we file an Eviction with the court.
The cost of evictions vary depending on the scenario…but typically cost the Landlord $300-$600 and include.
-Attorney fees
-Court Costs
-Filing fees
-Occupancy checks
-Meet the Sheriff and locksmith for lockouts.
-Survey the property and coordinate all steps to make the property rent ready again.
If we need to evict a Tenant that we did not place there is an additional $200 oversight fee.
FETCH offers an eviction protection plan for $25/month which will cover up to $800. in legal fees and court costs. This plan is only offered for Tenants that we place.
We also provide 6-12 months Tenant Guarantee depending on which plan you choose…which means that if a tenant that we placed breaks the lease we will replace them at no charge.