The maintenance team is the backbone of what we represent here at FETCH. If you don’t have a substantial and reliable maintenance team you’re going to have back problems. We guarantee our work and if the unthinkable happens we will more than willingly do it again at no cost. The team is an intricate part and not only contributes to the success of FETCH, but has started their own company which contributes greatly to the local economy. This is the main reason we support the team and their success as well. We’re only strong as our weakest link so we continue to build each other daily. We believe in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

Issac Beiler “We do it All!”

Issac Beiler from Ronks, Pennsylvania. Quality Amish craftsmanship at its finest. With Issac being in the industry for 20+ years, there’s nothing that he hasn’t fixed. Issac handling the maintenance aspect, you can count on the property being taken care of the right way. From roofing, siding, demolition, rental turnover, to your simple plumbing and furnace servicing, Issac has it covered.


Corey Johnson from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Provides the skills for our drywall & painting. This contributes greatly to our rental turnovers and creating a newer appearance for prospective renters. This is key when showing the properties and finding the perfect fit!


Ramon Berlingerii enjoys working for various landlords and property management companies in the Central Pennsylvania area. His expertise in his filed is 30+ years and isn’t shy to show it. Your typical rates for specialized services such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing rates are through the roof these days, so Ramon comes in handy and very much in demand. Service and clean only $75 – if you find someone in the area lower we will beat them as well. It’s all about giving our clients great quality at lower rates.

Real Estate

From selling and buying your next home or investment property, Fetch stands behind you all the way. Walking you through a cash flow analysis, to inspecting the quality of your next investment, we got you covered. It’s always important to not only interview your management companies but your real estate agents.